The Association of Schools of Capoeira® is a group that has its commitment with the brazilian culture, its roots, traditions and phylosophy of Capoeira.

We are a group led by Master China, from Rio de Janeiro; some of us from the group are brazilians passing a bit of our own life experiences by practicing Capoeira, others belonging to different ethnies and countries, adding to our group a bit of their backgrounds and ideas and contributing for the growth of this Martial Art. All with the same common goal: to play, have fun and making an effort to preserve and understand in more depth this Martial Art with so many variants and influences through its history.
Capoeira is one of the finest manifestations of the brazilian culture.Our School has classes in 3 different countries: Brazil, New Zealand and Australia.

If you wish to know more about our classes, please go to the classes/ location page.

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